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My name is Linda Bonavoglia, I am a Yoga and Movement teacher, Trainee Yoga Therapist and proud mamma of two boys, based in Heathfield, East Sussex. I was born and raised in Puglia, Southern Italy, happy childhood with happy memories. One memory that will always stay with me is a summer bonfire with friends on the beach, playing guitar and singing along, looking up to the clearest Milky Way ever, making wishes whilst spotting shooting stars. Add to this my oldest son's passion for space and astronomy, "Stellar" fitted perfectly into the whole picture.

I discovered yoga during the pregnancy of my second child 7 years ago, then started attending yoga classes when my baby boy began pre-school. But it wasn't until I stepped into the Freestyle Yoga Project studio in Tunbridge Wells that I realised what I was really looking for. A new physical challenge that would soon turn into much more: a passion that would keep me motivated on several levels. I signed up for their Teacher Training program straight away, qualified in 2017 and have been teaching (and learning!) ever since.




A 6-week Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness course for 12-15 year-old tweens and teens (Y7+).

Focusing on enhancing their mind-body connection, creating more balance in the body, improving posture (think text neck!), core stability, strength and flexibility, boosting self esteem, creativity work and gaining an overall sense of calm.