blissful yoga & mindfulness retreat

sunday 7th april 10.30am - 2.30pm at the freestyle yoga project, tunbridge wells

A blissful Yoga & Mindfulness retreat to uplift your mood, open up the body, awaken the senses, and release stress and anxiety, setting you up for the change of season.

Our retreat will begin with 1 hour of gentle bliss yoga to make more space in the body, releasing tension we may have accumulated and still hold from previous traumas, the winter season or sedentary life.

After our morning yoga session, Dion Pearce will give a guided talk relating to stress and anxiety, and how to deal with it; and a soothing meditation and mindfulness to follow.

A scrumptious vegetarian cold lunch, provided by the highly professional Bay Tree Foods, will give us the opportunity to chat, chill and socialise. (Please advise for any other dietary requirements/preferences.)

Our afternoon session will resume with Dion who will take us through a method of self-hypnosis, so that we can discover how to become more positive.

We will close our retreat with a short Revive & Restore Yoga practice to reawaken the senses and restore energy in the body.

Please bring a water bottle, all other equipment will be provided.

Investment: £50. Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance.

Dion Pearce is qualified in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP. Over the years he has helped people of all ages with many different issues. He is a member of APHP, NRPC and the American Board of NLP.



Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness course for 12-15 year-old tweens and teens (Y7+).

Starts Monday 25th february 4-5pm at GO:VER GYM

Due to popular demand, this course will continue after the February Half Term.

Focusing on enhancing their mind-body connection, creating more balance in the body, improving posture (think text neck!), core stability, strength and flexibility, boosting self esteem, creativity work and gaining an overall sense of calm. Each week will be themed and will be focused on one aspect of the yoga philosophy and practice, and how to incorporate it into our everyday life. Fun, funky and challenging, partner work is always included in class to spark their confidence and expand their relationship and social skills.

Classes end with a guided mindfulness session and relaxation to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improving school performance.

£42 for 6 weeks. Spaces are limited and must be booked in advance.