My name is Linda Bonavoglia, I am a Yoga and Movement teacher, Trainee Yoga Therapist and proud mamma of two boys, based in Heathfield, East Sussex. I was born and raised in Puglia, Southern Italy, with happy childhood and happy memories. One memory that will always stay with me is a summer bonfire with friends on the beach, playing guitar and singing along, looking up to the clearest Milky Way ever, making wishes whilst spotting shooting stars. Add to this my oldest son's passion for space and astronomy, "Stellar" fitted perfectly into the whole picture. 

I discovered yoga during the pregnancy of my second child 7 years ago, then started attending yoga classes when my baby boy began pre-school. But it wasn't until I stepped into the Freestyle Yoga Project studio in Tunbridge Wells that I realise what I was really looking for. A new physical challenge that would soon turn into much more: a passion that would keep me motivated on several levels. I signed up for their Teacher Training program straight away, qualified in 2017 and have been teaching (and learning!) ever since.

Yoga provides many physical benefits, but just as many on a deeper level. I firmly believe yoga is a truly holistic and introspective discipline to learn about yourself and how to respect your body, gaining more functional strength and body awareness, preventing it from injuries with a regular sustainable practice. 

Dynamic yoga is my flavour, a still mind is my goal. We live in a quick-fix quick-do society, where we rush, run and never slow down. Meditation and sophrology have been helping me quiet my mind, a never-ending journey that I humbly hope to pass onto my students in class. 

Natural somatic movement is my other big passion. On and off the floor. You would be amazed at what you can create when you allow yourself to listen to what your body needs, flowing and gliding on the floor, off the mat. Reconnecting to your natural innate movements. You are your only audience.

Strong and challenging, soft and relaxing or smooth floor movements, my classes aim at having you move well and with ease, releasing tensions from everyday life, adding more fluidity in the joints, improving posture, agility, mobility and strength for increased longevity.

In January 2018 I started my 2-year long course to qualify as a Yoga Therapist. Studying with Minded, a world leader in the Development and Professional Training of evidence-based yoga therapy and mindfulness programs, I will learn how to combine the spiritual and physical practice of yoga and mindfulness with an in-depth neuroscientific and physiological perspective, and psychotherapeutic principles to treat a variety of mental or physical conditions. This will be a long journey of studying, experiencing and learning. And I am thrilled to be part of it!