restore & repair 5-week course

starts 26 april - friday @9.30am

burwash village hall

Also available on a drop-in basis

Each week we will focus on breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as on one part of the body: hips, shoulders, low back, psoas muscles and more.

Learning sustainable and functional movements as the building blocks to a feel-good practice that will leave you empowered and connected to your your body.

Learning to see your pelvic floor less as a 'floor', which denotes something hard and flat, and more as a resilient diaphragm.

Learn to see your vertebral column less as a 'column', which again denotes something rigid and inflexible, and more as an amazing spine that deserves freedom, attention and care.

Highly-rewarding class for both the body and the mind. Suitable for all abilities.


1-1 sessions

Bespoke 1-hour classes tailored to your individual needs, body and abilities. 1-1 sessions are the best way to gain extra insights into your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home.