Yoga & Movement

friday @9.30am

burwash village hall

Move and flow through a smart blend of movements and yoga poses that will improve your strength, flexibility and mobility for better overall fitness and health. This is yoga with brains and my own contemporary and functional twist, invading new territories by using also resistance bands, exploring at times also new territories such as mixed martial arts, locomotion, primal movements and floor flow, adding variety to the loads our body so desperately needs. Challenging yet highly-rewarding class for both the body and the mind. Suitable for all abilities.


Tweens & Teens Yoga (12-15 yo)

monday @4PM

Gover Gym, Broad Oak - heathfield

This teens yoga and movement class focusses on enhancing the mind-body connection creating more balance in the body, improving posture, sparking confidence, boosting children’s creativity and giving an overall sense of calm. Fun and challenging, partner work plays a big part of each class, allowing teens to partner up, expanding their relationship and social skills. Classes always end with a mindfulness session.

1-1 sessions

Bespoke 1-hour classes tailored to your individual needs, body and abilities. 1-1 sessions are the best way to gain extra insights into your yoga practice in the comfort of your own home.